Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Yanukovich's response to protests

In case the world was wondering... THIS is how Yanukovich's government deals with protesters when noone is watching...

HotLine - everything about elections in Ukraine

HotLine - everything about elections in Ukraine: "On December 7th at 14.00 the city court of Kyiv district in Kharkiv will review the issue on relocating the three tent camps at Independence Square in Kharkiv.

From November 23rd supporters of Viktor Yushenko and Viktor Yanukovych have been living at the Square. And on November 28th "greens" joined them.

The court should review the complaint of the city executive committee. The authorities motivate it with the desire to settle a Christmas tree at the main square of the city. "

The Truth About Julia Tymoshenko

Finally, an article that gets her story right! The leading headlines have, on the whole, consigned themselves to repeating various "allegations" regarding Yulia Tymoshenko. This article interviews her, and recites what ACTUALLY happened during her political life. Yes Ukraine, there are "normal" people working for you in your country. This is one...

from the article:
"In the past seven years, Julia Tymoshenko has endured imprisonment, the jailing of her husband and several assassination attempts. But, even considering the drama that has accompanied her life, she could never have imagined the events that saw her emerge as a leading actor in one of the most unexpected political upheavals of recent history.

Since 21 November, Tymoshenko has been the force behind the protests that have kept up to half a million people camped outside the parliament in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. And as the country gears up for one last push towards true democracy, the pressure grows on her - a glamorous radical, and deputy to the opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko - to keep up the momentum for reform.

Yet no fanfare, and no visual frisks from men carrying Glock firearms, greet my arrival at her dacha outside Kiev. I simply push open the back door, and there she is: a tiny, pretty woman with a mass of honey-blonde hair, wearing pink jeans and a black polo-neck, smiling that amazing smile."

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