Friday, December 15, 2006

dobroe utro planeta!

14 dekabrya 2006 goda s utra (14 december 2006 in the morning)

Friday, July 21, 2006

Fwd: Elizaveta

Fwd: Elizaveta
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An open letter from Anechka...

Good Morning Everybody,

Today we celebrate Lisa's 7 months birthday.

No cake and candels yet... but pretty dress and pictures- of course!!!

She' is only 7 months and look at her...such a princess!!!! Watch out boys!

:) By the way she already got one fall in love with her. He's our 6years old

neighbour, who keeps asking me when they can finally get married! ;)

You all have a good day!

Anya, Lisa.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

kak mi sideli

prosto segodnya utrom
my favorate new video! just that tiny little smile at the beginning was enough to make me grin... I can't wait till they're home. -scott

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


My little girl is the cutest in the world! My face hurts from smiling when I see these videos.
kak mi eli bubiki v Odesse

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Zhitomer, Ukraine - On towards Kiev!

Zhitomer, Ukraine - On towards Kiev!

This is a wonderful story from Victor Kubik, a Ukrainian born sabbath keeper, about his encounter with a Messianic group in Zhitomir Ukraine. In my quest to find believers around the world, this is an interesting find. I'll especially enjoy telling my wife Anya, as she has family in Dubno, not far away.

This TravelPod website is interesting too. I'll make a note of it and consider logging my own travels there. Sounds fun I think! I've written a comment on his site too.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Scott's journal - layout of the scriptures

Scott's journal - layout of the scriptures

10:22 pm: layout of the scriptures
The Scriptures are rightly divided into 49 books. The Bible that you see in front of you today (with 66 books) has been rearranged to suit the whims of various compilationists. By rearranging the order and cutting books in parts, publishers have done people a disservice. The overlying structure and form of our scriptures is no longer readily apparant to the lay person (and lets face it, we're ALL lay people).

The historical scriptural format looks more like this:
the Torah:
Gen Ex Lev Num Deut

the prophets:
Josh-judges (1 book), book of the Kings (1&2 kings)
Isa Jer Ezekiel
the 12 minor prophets: Hosea Joel Amos... etc.

the writings:
psalms prov job
song ruth lamentations
daniel ezra-nehamiah (1 book) chronicles that, at the end of the "OT" we have 22 books, the number of letters in the hebrew alphabet...

the gospels & Acts:
Matt mark luke john

the general epistles (placed 1st):
Jacob(James) 1Pete 2Pete 1John 2John 3John Juda

the epistles of Paul:
Rom 1Cor 2Cor Gal
Eph Phil Col
1Thes 2Thes
1Tim 2Tim Titus Phil


thus, there are 49 books. 22 "old", 5 gospels+Acts, and 22 "new".

Thursday, April 27, 2006

religion need not be so personal...

"I would never ask you such questions! What a man believes is his own business, and no one should have to answer such things in front of everybody."

Thus my good friend Mustafa came to my defense following a barrage of questions by a collegue in our family practice clinic. And I appreciated his sympathy and his concern. But, to tell the truth, I didn't feel the same way about the exchange. In fact, my other friend's questions (lets call him... Tom) left me wanting more. I hoped that he would ask me what basis I had for doing the things I do. I hoped that he would try to explain to me why it wasn't correct. I hoped he would give me a chance to state my case, proding me on with objections from his own personal point of view.

But alas, these types of discussion are few and far between these days. In fact, I don't remember the last time I've been involved in a good one. People seem more and more to shy away from these things. Perhaps its the polarization of our society; perhaps events in the middle east have made us more leary of strange new ideas; perhaps we've been so barraged by conflicting perspectives that we've given up on sorting them out; or perhaps we've always been this way.

Still, a person can hope. I still stick by my position that if someone can show me convincingly that what they believe is true and what I believe is false, I'll gladly accept their position. Now if I can only find a willing partner...

Monday, April 24, 2006

a year in the bayou

Life can change so fast. A little over a year ago, I had just returned to the country, and was making arrangements for a wedding with a bride still outside the country, while trying to get a little studying in on the side. Today, we have a beautiful 4 month old girl, an apartment full of furniture that we have to move, and a completely different perspective on life.
There are days when it can be so frustrating, but they pale in comparison to the weeks and months and soon to be years of looking at an sharing with my 2 beautiful girls. My life is at once more complicated and at the same time more fulfilling than it ever was before.
And look at them! How could it not be? :) Posted by Picasa