Saturday, June 24, 2006

Scott's journal - layout of the scriptures

Scott's journal - layout of the scriptures

10:22 pm: layout of the scriptures
The Scriptures are rightly divided into 49 books. The Bible that you see in front of you today (with 66 books) has been rearranged to suit the whims of various compilationists. By rearranging the order and cutting books in parts, publishers have done people a disservice. The overlying structure and form of our scriptures is no longer readily apparant to the lay person (and lets face it, we're ALL lay people).

The historical scriptural format looks more like this:
the Torah:
Gen Ex Lev Num Deut

the prophets:
Josh-judges (1 book), book of the Kings (1&2 kings)
Isa Jer Ezekiel
the 12 minor prophets: Hosea Joel Amos... etc.

the writings:
psalms prov job
song ruth lamentations
daniel ezra-nehamiah (1 book) chronicles that, at the end of the "OT" we have 22 books, the number of letters in the hebrew alphabet...

the gospels & Acts:
Matt mark luke john

the general epistles (placed 1st):
Jacob(James) 1Pete 2Pete 1John 2John 3John Juda

the epistles of Paul:
Rom 1Cor 2Cor Gal
Eph Phil Col
1Thes 2Thes
1Tim 2Tim Titus Phil


thus, there are 49 books. 22 "old", 5 gospels+Acts, and 22 "new".


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