Friday, September 10, 2004

looking outside.

Today is the day when I mark my shift to the outside world. True, navel gazing is fun, and there is always more to discover about your navel; and true, we should write what we know, and I certainly know my navel better than most things. But just as I only began to understand my world by travelling out into it, I can only add intelligent discourse about the world by, ... well, writting about.

Want to listen to some interesting internet news radio or TV sites? has lots. The network of news sites that they've developed is amazing too. If only they'd start collaborating with The Economist...

1 comment:

Anichka & Scottik said...

Ya vsegda znala tebya kak celoveka otkritogo i smotrashego outside. and you know what, this your intention to look outside yourself, outside people around you, outside the whole Word, all those abilities make you sovershenno unique,i odnoznacno lucshim, i eto ne potomu cto ya tebya lublu a potomu cto ya TAK DUMAYU.
Write Scott, write more, write for better undrestanding sebya, write for fun, write for everyone, for the entire World!!!!!