Thursday, September 30, 2004

Libertarian Party: Issues and Positions

A great quote I read from the Libertarian presidential candidate, Michael Badnarik,

''If you were in prison and you had a 50 percent chance of lethal injection, a 45 percent chance of going to the electric chair, and only a 5 percent chance of escape, are you likely to vote for lethal injection because that is your most likely outcome?" Libertarian nominee Badnarik asked a crowd at his party's convention. ''If you continue to vote for the Democrats or the Republicans you are committing political suicide,"

What do you do when it's clear that "neither" party has any integrety anymore? Try looking beyond the system for once...

The link below is a wonderful source about the Libertarian political platform.

Libertarian Party: Issues and Positions

Waiting to hear Kerry's plan

Great article that really sums up the state of the presidential debate. Unfortunately it, like every other mass media outlet involved in our collective psychoses, fails to grasp the natural conclusion to be reached when you "two party" system fails to offer anything resembling a coherant choice. Can anybody say "3rd party"??? And no, Ralph Nader is not the only other presidential candidate. This year, in at least 48 states, there voters will be offered the chance to vote for a Libertarian candidate. ....and.... in all of those states, without even having considered the option, voters will NOT chose that option. Some people just don't get it....

Waiting to hear Kerry's plan

Friday, September 10, 2004

looking outside.

Today is the day when I mark my shift to the outside world. True, navel gazing is fun, and there is always more to discover about your navel; and true, we should write what we know, and I certainly know my navel better than most things. But just as I only began to understand my world by travelling out into it, I can only add intelligent discourse about the world by, ... well, writting about.

Want to listen to some interesting internet news radio or TV sites? has lots. The network of news sites that they've developed is amazing too. If only they'd start collaborating with The Economist...