Thursday, May 20, 2004

HHT screening etc...

Today I saw a little boy's mother about him having HHT. The boy is from Holland, but I don't know where their extended family is from, and anyway, it doesn't exclude them from my research anyway. I think he has it and it seems that the family has seen a doctor about it before in Holland and they are also under the impression that it's hereditary. Tomorrow I'm going to see the mother again at 12:00 and get more information out of her. Including the boy, I count 7 candidates for HHT in 3 families. I've informed a mother and daughter that I want to get blood tests, I hope to inform the others after I see the mother tomorrow. Tonight I'm calling my brother about sending blood samples to his genetics lab. I talked to my dad tonight and he says he's also going to see if there are any labs in the area that do that kind of test. I still should go to the Lion's Club and screen the older men for the disease; I'm encouraged that HHT is on the island and I would be very suprised if I've already found all the likely candidates. I'll talk to some people in Windwardside about that maybe this evening.
I talked to Dr. Schnabel about starting a Melatonin research project too. I don't know, maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew, but it seems that it's a good and relatively simple project to do too. As long as I do well in my classes, I don't see why it wouldn't be worth doing too. And, as long as I'm in the research mind-set, why not?
I want to go see "Buck" or whatever his name is about getting one of those little banjos that he makes and taking lessons from him. That's the other thing that I think is well worth the time it'll take to do. The banjos that he makes are so small and unique, that it'll make the perfect interesting little portable instrument. It'll also reinvigourate that part of me that still wants to create.

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