Monday, May 24, 2004

Last day before exam(s)...

Whats the difference between "light" reading and studying anyway? It seems all psychological. I can sit for hours, enthralled by The Economist, but hardly last an hour reading Robbin's Pathology. I can lose a whole night browsing through internet news sites, but my head seems to spin after a short time infront of Pathology powerpoints.
So taking the anxiety out of the experience should be the solution right? But when I start with the "just browsing through my lectures" mindset, I end up falling asleep and/or not retaining any of the information... so what to do.
I think it must be a positive cycle. The answer is to spend more and more anxiety-free time in front of the subject -just like I spend hours in front of the Economist. The more my mind is filled with information about medicine, the more questions it will ask; I'll have a larger mental database of information to relate back to.
Thats the theory anyway. Back to the books, I'll tell you if it works in 20 years or so...

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