Monday, May 24, 2004

kisya, I'm so happy that you are alive!

tem bolee you've got some theories comming into your head, so that means you're doing well. i've got an idea about what you were saying pro questions kotorie prihodyat with an information. smotri, ya vspomnila an example from phylosophy course: . eto point, tochka, eto kakie-to personal knowledges, takoy mind celoveka kotoriy nicego ne znaet ili znaet no malo, kotoriy ne hocet nicego znat to be exact. znacit to, cto on znaet i to, s cem eti znaniya prihodat come into contact, enough for him to answer all his questions and to solve all his problems.
tak, a teper smotri what's going on with us, u nas eti znaniya about O (eto ne zero!!)this big, da ili daze bigger, tak cto the circumference comes into contact with more reality and general knowledges, and as a consequence, it seemes like we don't understand whats going on around, and we're having a hard time answering our questions which are come into our mind ili ponimaem, no malo....
tak, tak, i guess, my theory is more complicated to comprehence then your, sama kazetsa zaputalas, tak cto ne bud surprised esli nicego ne poymesh zdes! a ya dumayu poymesh, ili pocustvuesh.
u menya segodnya bil big day, ya sdelala cto-to, cto dolzna bila sdelat long time ago, kazetsa. rasskazu tebe potom!

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